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Inyathelo offers training, advice, support and locally developed learning materials to universities and non-profit organisations on financial sustainability and resource mobilisation.  Besides the varied programmes that we run, we also offer an online donor directory so that organisations can identify appropriate potential funders.  Aptly named FundingFinder, this directory provides the names and contact information for donors, and it also (and very importantly) provides accurate detail of funding focus areas, application process and requirements, application deadlines, and information on the activities a donor will or won't fund.

Through FundingFinder, Inyathelo therefore assists organisations and institutions (such as universities) by providing useful and accurate information on funders who may be interested in supporting their work.

FundingFinder is of benefit to both donors and grantees because:

  • we seek to ensure that all the donor funding details are up-to-date and accurate;
  • the detail provided on each donor assists organisations in making an appropriate match between their own objectives and that of the prospective donor;
  • time is saved by the grantseeker as there is improved access to good data about each donor;
  • time is saved by donors because the provision of correct information about each donor ensures that they receive far fewer inappropriate applications for funding.

While most of the data is already in the public domain, sourced from the internet and elsewhere, we believe it is important to work with you, the grantmakers, to ensure that the information about your grantmaking is accurate.

We would greatly appreciate it if you, as an important donor in South Africa, could take the time to complete our online donor information form so that we can share your details with those looking for partners in your funding areas.